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no matter how bad you are, there’s always someone who is worse

cant believe big boss made it to 6am with only 99% power left

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William and Emma meet again -  Victorian Romance Emma

This is a superb Seinen manga. Not only is the artwork stunning, but the storyline is so simple, yet so well written. It takes place in late 19th century England (perhaps 1895) and is about a maid and wealthy young man who fall in love, despite difference in social classes.

It is very historically researched, the detail is perfect; characters, traits and lifestyles are reflective of the time, and all 10 volumes (the last is an extra that completes the story) are very well paced, and keeps the story moving.

This is one of the best romance mangas I have ever read, and one of the best mangas period.

If you’re sick of unrealistic mangas with immature, annoying teenagers and petty, silly conflicts not worth the time of day - this is for you. Do yourself a favor and read it, and also check out the author’s other work - A Bride’s Story. Another great, ongoing tale.

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Rohan Kishibe, what on earth are you wearing? I assume it’s a casual attire.

I don’t know, man, when he first appeared he wore relatively normal outfit, then he started wearing clothes baring midriff (Joseph probably approves of those) and now this… I don’t even know how to describe it.  


now in technicolor


now in technicolor