ベヨ姉さん | 錦 紅羽 [pixiv]
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ベヨ姉さん | 錦 紅羽 [pixiv]

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Just a reminder to keep your fuzzy friend inside this halloween. A lot of people like to take this time of year to steal little babies to use for rituals and sacrifice. It’s horrific and painful to imagine that my little girl could get stolen for something so terrible. Keep all your animals inside no matter their color, age, or breed just to be safe.

Happy Halloween

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Giorno vs Cioccolata. Get wrekt.


Bruno came today, so I was finally able to complete my set! ♥ I’ve been after these guys for a while, so it’s rewarding to see all the boys together.

The sculpts on these guys are great, and the attention to detail is definitely there. I think it really does the original art proud. I may, one day, go after the colored versions of them, but I liked the uniformity of the black colored versions, so I went after them first.

The only thing I wish was different was the ability to snap their bases together, not just slide them around next to each other. Though it gives the freedom to put them next to whoever, since some of them snap into the walls behind them, a bit of evenness of the walls is a bit off.

Sorry for the long post, but look! They’re so perfect! ♥


we all gotta start from somewhere

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